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Government Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs are different than those of businesses. They must serve the general public at large and not just profitable customers. CRM solutions for government use often need to integrate with existing government systems.

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Tips for Improving Citizen Experience Through Customer Service

Government agencies should also view customer service as a value-generator, just as private-sector organizations do, but for different reasons. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

CRM: More Relevant Than Ever

We're facing a period of significant change — and measuring the impact of change is what CRM does best.

Leading From Afar

Don't let distance infringe upon effective leadership.

Retail Banking’s New Approach, Part 2

If banks want to improve their approach to CRM, they'll first have to improve their definition of the customer.

Who's on Your Team?

Strong and weak ties reveal who your real partners are.

Proactive eDiscovery

Take charge of enterprise information to reduce risk, maintain compliance, and save a bundle.

Maximum Savings, Optimum Service

Mastering the multi-sourced call center.

Political Texting

What can we learn from how candidates are using SMS messaging?

Gung-Ho CRM

On-demand helps to improve services despite war-tightened budgets.

Data Security Measures: An Increasing Concern For Contact Centers

Be sure to act in accordance with clients' wishes regarding data security requirements.

Compliance: No Longer a Tough Call

IP telephony is creating new opportunities to reduce the costs of achieving compliance.

Declaration of Customer Service

A recent KANA study on customer service within the public sector found that more than half of all citizens polled are seeking Web-based interaction with state and federal government agencies.