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Customer relationships have never been more complex. Today, your IT/Tech sales teams need insight into hundreds of interactions involving multiple channels. Newer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms make this possible. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for technology companies.

Why B2B2C Companies Need Website Localization

As B2B companies generate new revenue using B2C tactics, they're looking to the next frontier: global markets. That means localizing their digital experiences.

How to Build a Culture of Digital Transformation

The real-life practicalities of digital transformation are significantly less about tools and data and more about the humans who employ them.

Marketing Is Obsessed with Technology. Here Are 3 Reasons This Needs to Change

Marketing is increasingly making technology the star of its show, instead of keeping it in its rightful place: a strategic, supporting role. Here's why this is dangerous.

Going Global, Part 2: Staffing Up Your New European Sales Office

Any well-run company knows that its people are the most critical factor to success—and this is especially true when opening offices abroad. Here are tips for hiring staff for your new European sales office. Part two of a two-part series.

What IT Execs Can Learn About Great Customer Experience From Amazon, Apple, and IKEA

These iconic companies' approach to customer experience and self-service can show IT departments how to delight their customers by helping them help themselves.

Combatting Overpayment in High-Tech Sales Programs

Six steps to address this costly challenge.

Your Users Are Hungry for Big Language

Give your content global relevancy with machine translation.

Building Consumer Electronics Loyalty

"Superstacks" business model is key in combating low customer engagement.

The Power of a Strong Brand Ecosystem

Competing in the high-tech market means being able to give customers everything they need.

The Trouble with Traffic

What retailers can learn from baseball

Personalize Content by Knowing Your Audience

Increase engagement through more relevant messages

Dynamic Case Management

How can your company benefit from this solution?

Bilateral Customer Service

How to satisfy digital consumers and avoid damaging word of mouth

Preparing the Enterprise for Social Media

Ten steps from the front lines

Intelligent Virtual Agents

Ushering in the age of digital customer relationships in marketing

Acceptance Challenges in Implementing CRM/Sales Automation Tools

What makes a company's automation processes successful?

From Social Brand to Social Business

Organizations need to be smart and think long term

Back-to-School Marketing

Using email and social media can help you graduate to the next level

Creating a Culture and a Brand That Makes—and Keeps—Promises

Define what your customers can expect from you

Maintaining Customer Loyalty

How to ensure Groupon and LivingSocial won't damage relationships