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Professional services firms have goals and metrics that are unique to their field. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that support those goals can make a big difference in the company's bottom line. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for everyone in the professional services sector.

6 Viral B2B Marketing Campaigns From 2023 (and What We Can Learn From Them)

Here are some B2B marketing campaigns that made waves last year. Let their innovative approaches inspire your next marketing strategy.

Successful CRM Does Not Rely on Employee Participation

In knowledge-based industries like finance and professional services, tracking and managing complex relationships can be too time-consuming. The solution: thoughtful automation.

Cookie Countdown: Preparing for a B2B Marketing Future Without Third-Party Cookies

With third-party cookies soon gone, those in the industry will have to dramatically change how they target prospects and customers. That's left many wondering the same thing: What can we do to prepare?

Digital Marketplaces: How Companies Can Gain New Customers Without Developing New Products

Consumers want more from their relationships with companies. Here's how merchants and manufacturers can quickly and cost-effectively offer new product lines and create endless aisle capabilities.

Social CRM and the Legal Industry

The payoff can be high for firms that embrace new technologies.

Your Call Is Very Important to Us

What Watson means for the future of customer service

Are E-Communication and CRM Systems Helping or Hurting Your Business?

How to use innovation to your advantage

The Pluses and Pitfalls of Arbitration

The dispute resolution mechanism is popular, but it may not be advisable for all businesses at all times

CRM: More Relevant Than Ever

We're facing a period of significant change — and measuring the impact of change is what CRM does best.

Community as a Strategy

Social CRM and next-generation customer service.

6 Strategies to Conquer the Chaos

Don't let chaos turn the dream of entrepreneurship into a nightmare.

The Brave New Business Model for CRM

Today's customer leadership requires a new approach.

Best Practices Are Born Every Day

Social media success is often hard to spot, but you need to know where your industry is headed.

So Many CRM Service Providers, So Little Time

Whether your strategy is operational excellence, product innovation, or customer intimacy, CRM is essential to achieve customer satisfaction. So how do you choose?

Your Marketing Campaign Needs a Second Opinion

Alternative communication channels in healthcare marketing.

The Customer Care Revolution

Strategies to reduce operating costs and protect revenues.

Retail Banking’s New Approach, Part 2

If banks want to improve their approach to CRM, they'll first have to improve their definition of the customer.

Don’t Crash at Critical Intersections of Customer Support

Cruise through with effective supply chain management.

The Truth about Social Networking

Deliver freedom, not hype.

The Network Effect of Word of Mouth

Mobilize customer sales forces with social media marketing: "You need to take your message to the people."