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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for manufacturers offer new capabilities and can radically improve business processes that have not changed in years. 

CPQ: Bridging the Divide Between Sales and ERP

If ERP systems and sales processes like lead and pipeline management can't link up properly, sales reps will be the ones left hanging.

5 Surefire Ways to Ensure Your Company Fails to Innovate

Innovation is difficult and risky, but adopting an innovative mind-set can pay dividends, even when your efforts don't immediately bear fruit.

Is Your Team Not Using Your CRM? Gamification Can Help

The absence of data integrity in a company's CRM can lead to incorrect planning and inventory—and, ultimately, lost revenue. Getting each team member on board is critical.

Digital Disruptors Do These 3 Things With Their Data

Here's how to make more meaningful, strategic use of your data and deliver super-personalized customer experiences.

Blockchain Is One Emerging Technology Manufacturers Should Embrace

Manufacturing is not often synonymous with innovation. But by adopting blockchain technology, manufacturers can elevate their operations, performance, and customer trust.

CRM Technology as a Business Planning Tool

Sharing essential information is key to meeting customer demands.

What Dealerships Can Teach You About CRM

Whatever your industry, keep these three attributes in mind.

Best Practices for Rebate Optimization

When implementation overshadows brand, executing rebates can be challenging.

Talking the Talk — Before the Sale

The execution of live chat can make or break the conversion.

From Deflecting Customers to Embracing Them

Six ways that the new Internet -- a mobile, social, and real-time Internet -- is changing the playing field for CRM and putting customers back in control.

Picture Perfect

Grab consumer attention with personalized images.

Don’t Let a Weak Economy Go to Waste

Boost sales while recovering from the recession.

Customer Care in the Age of the Smartphone

Don't let confusion around new devices undermine future opportunities.

Get Social and You’ll Sleep Better

Improve the customer experience with a content-rich, social-driven site.

The Overstuffed Inbox

A decline in email responsiveness creates enormous opportunity.

Don’t Crash at Critical Intersections of Customer Support

Cruise through with effective supply chain management.

Crafting a Strong Sales Contract

Well-written contracts are key to protecting your business.

Is Your Customer Base at Risk?

Protect your existing business, especially in tough times.

Speed Up Sales in a Slow Economy

Focus on lead quality and refined marketing spend to get the job done.

Don’t Confuse Marketing with Selling

One fundamental mistake can cost you.