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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and technology solutions are vital for healthcare companies seeking to create highly personalized experiences. There are two basic types of healthcare CRMs, one is for a healthcare organization to stay in contact with their patients, the other is for a healthcare organization to stay in contact with referring organizations.

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How to Build a Practical Industry-Specific Solution Using Lightning Bolt

VRP Consulting challenged its employees with an internal contest to develop a Lightning Bolt-based solution. The winning idea, months before the pandemic, was a telehealth platform. Here's how this hands-on experience built a value-added industry-specific solution.

Speech Technology in the Midst of the Coronavirus (Featured on Speechtechmag.com.)

This is the time for speech technology—and all online communication technologies—to leap into action.

3 Tips for Creating a Solid Customer Success Initiative

By making customer success a top priority, you'll drive customer value, identify hidden opportunities, and pinpoint sources of friction and respond with solutions that benefit your entire customer base.

3 Tips for Choosing a CRM Outsourcer

When enterprises need great CRM software but lack the time or talent to build it in-house, outsourcing is only logical. But it's important to find the right long-term partner from the start.

Introducing Digital 'Advisory Services': A New Way to Use Visual Engagement to Drive Revenue

Longtime staples of the contact center, visual engagement tools like screen sharing represent a new digital channel for efficiently selling products and services, deepening customer relationships, and growing revenue.

4 Tips for Maximizing Your CRM Investment

An executive at Zephyr Health details how companies in the life sciences industry can drive a higher return on their CRM technology investment, tips that are applicable to companies in any industry.

How Could Your Business Benefit from the Vending Machine Model?

Recurring revenue technology advances make it possible.

Patient Service Doesn’t Stop at the Hospital Door

Communicate early, be highly interactive, and automate

The Engagement of Unified Communications

Definitely not all for one and one for all.

Talking the Talk — Before the Sale

The execution of live chat can make or break the conversion.

Don’t Let a Weak Economy Go to Waste

Boost sales while recovering from the recession.

CRM Saves Lives

Maybe so, but only if the healthcare industry can better diagnose and care for its patients.

Here's to Your e-Health

Why consumers need to examine the full story on Electronic Health Record privacy.

Your Marketing Campaign Needs a Second Opinion

Alternative communication channels in healthcare marketing.

Know Your Triggers

In a tough economy, intelligent lead generation proves its importance.

Crafting a Strong Sales Contract

Well-written contracts are key to protecting your business.

Give It to Me Now!

In the Age of the Customer, customers demand attention.

Effective Chat

Five questions to get to real ROI.

Don’t Confuse Marketing with Selling

One fundamental mistake can cost you.

Growth Through Self-Service

Online self-service portals can become high-performance growth engines amid challenging economic times.