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Traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are built to manage the sales cycle. CPG sales reps have particular needs that are different from many salespeople. They need mobile quoting, pricing, and order placement alongside cross-selling and up-selling features. 

Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for the consumer packaged goods industry.

3 CPG Challenges Solved By Putting Customers First

Consider digital commerce an opportunity, not an obstacle.

The Power of a Strong Brand Ecosystem

Competing in the high-tech market means being able to give customers everything they need.

CRM: More Relevant Than Ever

We're facing a period of significant change — and measuring the impact of change is what CRM does best.

Digital Marketing Means Multiple Channels

Universal profile management directs all relevant communications through the channels that customers prefer.

Talking the Talk — Before the Sale

The execution of live chat can make or break the conversion.

5 Steps to Personalized Customer Contact

How to tailor online customer experience to boost loyalty and drive revenue.

Best Practices Are Born Every Day

Social media success is often hard to spot, but you need to know where your industry is headed.

From Deflecting Customers to Embracing Them

Six ways that the new Internet -- a mobile, social, and real-time Internet -- is changing the playing field for CRM and putting customers back in control.

Mitigate Shopping-Cart Abandonment

Convert up to 50 percent of abandoners with real-time follow-up.

Challenge Your “Market Permission”

Capture new markets — or reinvigorate existing ones — by reevaluating how those markets perceive your brand.

Breaking Loyalty Barriers with New Technologies

Five steps to successful data-driven customer communications.

The Art of the ‘Human’ Business

How social marketing can spotlight your organization's inner person.

The Network Effect of Word of Mouth

Mobilize customer sales forces with social media marketing: "You need to take your message to the people."

Crafting a Strong Sales Contract

Well-written contracts are key to protecting your business.

Is Your Customer Base at Risk?

Protect your existing business, especially in tough times.

Don’t Confuse Marketing with Selling

One fundamental mistake can cost you.

Beyond Search

Multimodal knowledge access will improve customer experience and contact center agent effectiveness.

Brand Perception 2.0

Using the Internet, text, and other sources for insight.

End Shopping-Cart Abandonment

Optimize e-commerce with purchase incentives.

Planning for Choppy Waters

Service business strategies for rough economic climates.