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Insurance sales success rests on being both organized and accessible. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions help them stay connected to existing and potential clients. Learn more from CRM magazine.

Stop Trusting Third Parties with Your Customer Experience

Customer loyalty and brand identity can be put at risk by trusting outsiders to provide what has now become the key element of the customer relationship—the experience.

8 Elements to Delivering Delightful Customer Experiences

Multichannel customer journeys can make or break your business.

The Role of Gamification in the Contact Center and Back Office

Gain more value from employees and customers with gamification processes.

From Woeful to Wow in Online Customer Engagement

A journey-based approach for better sales and service.

Digital and Interactive Marketing Bring Life Insurers Into the 21st Century

Adapting to a new marketing structure

The Engagement of Unified Communications

Definitely not all for one and one for all.

Let the Customers In

Get customers involved in your decision-making with on-demand enterprise content management.

Don’t Let a Weak Economy Go to Waste

Boost sales while recovering from the recession.

Crafting a Strong Sales Contract

Well-written contracts are key to protecting your business.

Give It to Me Now!

In the Age of the Customer, customers demand attention.

Effective Chat

Five questions to get to real ROI.

Don’t Confuse Marketing with Selling

One fundamental mistake can cost you.

Beyond Search

Multimodal knowledge access will improve customer experience and contact center agent effectiveness.

Growth Through Self-Service

Online self-service portals can become high-performance growth engines amid challenging economic times.

The Gopher Effect: Improve Agent Retention and First-Call Resolution

Leverage a services-oriented architecture in the contact center.

Proactive eDiscovery

Take charge of enterprise information to reduce risk, maintain compliance, and save a bundle.

You Think You’re Great, But …

What do customers think of customer service?

Improving First-Contact Resolution in a Multichannel Environment

A process-based approach is key.

Maximum Savings, Optimum Service

Mastering the multi-sourced call center.

Leveraging Customer Value Management

From the insurance industry's perspective, the integration of different product lines into a single business unit sounds like a prime opportunity to reduce operational costs, grow revenues, and improve profitability.