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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps organizations deliver exceptional customer service and support. Good CRM tools and strategies enable call centers, contact centers, and customer support teams to be their most effective and ensure that all customer inquiries end with the best possible customer experience. Explore our latest news, analysis, and advice for customer service professionals at all levels.

CRM’s Storied Past

The milestones that brought CRM to where it is now

CRM Has a History of Aspiration, Accomplishment, and Automation

Analysts reflect on an industry that has seen many challenges overcome and others yet to be resolved.

Voice Biometrics Are Not 100 Percent Foolproof, but Steadily Improving

The technology has holes, but is more efficient than traditional password security.

Productivity Tools Advance to Assist Remote Workforces

Contact centers now have a wide assortment of tools to help agents work more efficiently, no matter where they are.

Keys to Keeping the Consumer Connection in a Digital World

Customers have many options today, and keeping them engaged on the right channels might keep them coming back.

Sentiment Grows in Significance as COVID Surges

Companies see renewed interest in gaining the most from customer feedback.

Bots Are Good, but They Can’t Do It Alone

The best bots know when and how to hand off complex requests to humans.

A Road Map for Creating a Winning Mobile App

Why companies need a mobile app today and how to create one.

The Best CRM Software, Solutions, and Innovators: The 2021 CRM Industry Awards

Our 20th annual awards recognize the vendors that shined the brightest during the past year.

The Best CRM Software and Solutions: The 2021 CRM Industry Leader Awards

Our top five picks in 10 categories point the way forward with the best products and capabilities hitting the market in customer service, marketing, and sales.

Six Top Innovating CRM Companies for 2021: The CRM Conversation Starters

These vendors kept the industry abuzz with products, services, and integrations that add up to innovation in sales, marketing, and customer service.

The Best Contact Center Infrastructure: The 2021 CRM Industry Leader Awards

The Best Contact Center Analytics: The 2021 CRM Industry Leader Awards

The Best Workforce Optimization (WFO): The 2021 CRM Industry Leader Awards

The Best Contact Center Outsourcing: The 2021 CRM Industry Leader Awards

Amazon Web Services Connects More Channels with AI and Analytics: The 2021 CRM Conversation Starters

AWS rolled out Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) to help companies add machine-learning-based intelligence to their contact centers.

Facebook Is Now Kustomer-Centric: The 2021 CRM Conversation Starters

Facebook increasingly looks to help companies do business on its site and makes a larger push into social commerce.

Qualtrics Builds New Bridges for Customer Data and Feedback: The 2021 CRM Conversation Starters

Qualtrics recently bought Clarabridge, a provider of omnichannel conversational analytics, for $1.1 billion.

Uniphore Pioneers Human and Machine Unification: The 2021 CRM Conversation Starters

Uniphore's vision is to disrupt an outdated customer service model by bridging the gap between human and machine using voice, AI, and automation.

Zendesk Moves into a New Suite and New Markets: The 2021 CRM Conversation Starters

Recent moves have transformed the San Francisco-based company into a full-featured CRM vendor, providing software-as-a-service products related to customer support, sales, and customer communications.