How Satisfied are You With CRM?

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Spanning myriad industries and company sizes, these executives include CEOs and CIOs, presidents, vice presidents of sales and marketing, CRM project leaders, customer service directors, and more. More than 46 percent directly oversee the company's CRM initiative and another 39 percent are on the project team. Many respondents are CRM veterans. One quarter of the respondents launched their initiatives prior to 2000; only 13 percent implemented CRM this year. At more than 62 percent of respondents' firms CRM is company-wide; about 21 percent implemented CRM in several divisions, and 16 percent did so for one department. About half of the respondents say their company purchased fewer than 100 seats; 9 percent, however, purchased an enterprise license. So how satisfied with CRM are these executives? Read on to find out. How Satisfied are You with. . .

Your CRM software?The implementation process of your CRM system?
Your users' acceptance of the CRM software?The business benefits you achieved with your CRM software?

Every Rose Has Its Thorns What problems, if any, did you encounter during implementation?
Setting Their Sights Did you set mutually agreed upon goals/metrics in advance of the implementation?
If you set goals, how well did you meet them?
Which departments were on the team to select the goals and metrics?
The Ups and Downs of CRM What are the benefits you have received as a direct result of using CRM?
BenefitNo changeChanges apparent,
but not tracked
Saw and
tracked changes
Increased sales26%30%44%
Increased revenues28%30%42%
Increased profits30%28%42%
Decreased sales costs32%26%42%
Increased productivity15%27%58%
Decreased marketing costs37%25%38%
Decreased service costs30%26%44%
Increased employee satisfaction24%25%51%
Increased customer satisfaction27%26%47%
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