• January 1, 2008
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Tech Solution: Sales Compensation Management

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Compensating salespeople is at the very core of the selling process, but being able to accurately track those bonuses across multiple lines of business, tiered sales plans, and third-party reps has always been a challenge. Fortunately, that's now the job of sales compensation management (SCM) solutions. These tools give companies modeling and forecasting abilities to accurately track compensation, more quickly deploy new sales plans and revised distribution strategies, and drive a salesperson's behavior to align with corporate sales strategies. Callidus TrueComp Delivery Model: Web-based or installed software Price:
TrueComp On-Demand starts at $50 per user per month. The on-premise solution offers identical features and pricing is available upon request. Business Benefits: TrueComp helps executives make better incentive decisions and provides timely visibility into channel operations and the flexibility to deploy new sales and distribution strategies and tactics. These solutions help align individual sales strategies with overall corporate objectives. Functionality: TrueComp comes with support for multiple business units and multiple currencies for global deployments, and includes modeling and forecasting capabilities to eliminate financial surprises. TrueComp also comes with out-of-the-box functionality for compensating direct and indirect sales channels, such as third-party vendors and sales forces. Contact: Callidus Software at 1-866-812-5244; email at info@callidussoftware.com; or visit www.callidussoftware.com. Centive Compel Delivery Model: Web-based software Price: Subscription-based with a tiered structure and a maximum fee of $50 per user per month. Business Benefits: Compel helps create, manage, and optimize effective sales compensation programs to improve performance and increase revenue growth. The software aligns sales teams with mission-critical goals; helps manage individual and team performance; and provides an automated, centralized, and Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant solution for modeling compensation plans, forecasting commission expenses, and accurately calculating and reporting commission and bonus earnings. Functionality: Interactive Web-based dashboards provide sales reps and their managers with secure access to key performance and earnings information. By integrating with CRM systems, Compel displays potential commissions based on specific opportunities in the rep's pipeline -- information that helps managers focus on the right business to maximize company revenue, profitability, and sales-rep earnings. Compel provides administrators with an easy-to-use, patent-pending solution for building and modeling sales compensation plans and automating the entire commission accounting process. Contact: Centive at 1-877-CENTIVE; email at info@centive.com; or visit www.centive.com. Xactly Incent Delivery Model: Web-based software | Price: Subscription-based pricing; $50 per user per month. Business Benefits: Xactly's flagship application enables companies to improve sales effectiveness and maximize profits by helping design, implement, manage, audit, and optimize an SCM program to the specific needs of each business. The software is designed to leverage business data to further automate complementary business processes -- sales performance management, finance, and human resources -- with operational performance improvements, processes, and analytics. Functionality: The suite of modules includes Xactly Data Management, which facilitates data integration with disparate data sources such as ERP, CRM, and HR applications; Xactly Analytics (provides a rich set of analysis and reporting tools, as well as trend-revealing dashboards); Xactly Modeling (automates compensation-plan, organizational, and forecast-expense modeling); and Xactly Rewards (manages comprehensive noncash reward programs to motivate and reward performance). Contact: Xactly Corporation at 1-866-GO-XACTLY; or visit www.xactlycorp.com.
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