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“Know how to listen,” Plutarch supposedly suggested, “and you will profit even from those who talk badly.” Even a not-for-profit organization can benefit from that advice, and many seem to be practicing it on Twitter. We’ve collected a few relevant tweets below—including some by people and organizations quoted in this month’s cover story, “Helping Hands." CRM magazine can be found at; live-twittering and links to blogposts are at Reach us directly by starting your tweet with @CRM.


Young Nonprofit Leaders Say “More Feedback, Please”: Constructive feedback viewed as key to retention but rarely given


Three Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Give a Tweet:

@taddruart [director of corporate communications and marketing at Convio]:

[@Atlantic_Online’s] “Political Tech Innovation of the Decade” includes #convio

[Editors’ Note: At press time, YouTube was leading in a landslide, with 49 percent of the votes.]


It would take 3 Frenchmen to equal the charitable giving of an American. This and other giving facts at:


Been working on a newsletter today using Convio. I think I’m getting the hang of it (Convio). Emphasis on the “think” part.


Do you know of any NP mobile apps? @Kanter outlined American Cancer Society’s: (VERY cool), are there others?


Nonprofit 2009 Social Media Round-up


Trying to find a good CRM software for free to use for my nonprofit. I’m not happy with the system we’re using now...


How to Develop an Effective Strategic Fundraising Plan

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