• November 29, 2012

Open Source CRM Zurmo Releases Version 0.8.0

The Open Source CRM project Zurmo has released Zurmo Version 0.8.0, which allows users to send emails directly from within the application.

"In 2013 people should not constantly need to go from one application to another in order to communicate and do their jobs effectively," said Zurmo co-founder Ray Stoeckicht in a statement. "With Zurmo, we encourage users to communicate with one another through the application's intuitive, Social CRM platform. In a utopian world, there would be no email. But we have to acknowledge the reality that email still serves a major purpose for all organizations. In order to encourage users to stay inside the application, we've included a powerful email engine that links messages to records."

Visual improvements include the option to change the application's color theme and texture to match user preferences. "Zurmo is the main business application used by anyone with a customer-facing function. People are logged in for hours at a time. Just as someone should have a say in the aesthetics of their physical surroundings, they should also have a say in the appearance of the software they use," said Stafford McKay, Jr., director of marketing and community management at Zurmo, in the statement. "If you are finding those bone-white walls to be ever more lackluster and you need a little inspiration, then go ahead, paint them mango tango."

Integration with Sentry allows users to automatically submit error reports to the Zurmo engineering department directly from the user interface.

"Integration with Sentry is something that our technical contributors will appreciate because they no longer need to go through the tedious process of submitting a bug report" said Zurmo co-founder and lead developer Jason Green in the statement. "This seamless process saves time and reduces the resistance to report issues because the effort required to do so is now significantly lower."

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