• January 19, 2012

MailChimp Now Lets Users Add Attachments

MailChimp yesterday announced an integration with Digioh, a service that lets users distribute digital files online. MailChimp's integration with Digioh allows users to attach documents, PDFs, videos, etc., to their email campaigns while controlling download access with Digioh's secure download links. Digioh's service provides publishers with finely tuned access options to ensure the intended level of access for any digital content.

"This is a really great solution for anyone who wants to be able to send or sell files to their newsletter subscribers," said Amy Ellis, head of integrations and partnerships at MailChimp, in a statement. "This should be a big hit with trade publications. They frequently need to distribute documents to their members but want to ensure that only their members can access the files."

MailChimp subscribers need only to sign up for a free Digioh account, enter their MailChimp API information and select their MailChimp lists. Once they've uploaded their digital files, Digioh automatically generates secure download links for those files, which can be copied and pasted into their MailChimp campaigns. Recipients of the email will be able to download the attached files but others will not.

The integration also provides file access analytics so Digioh users can check which of their MailChimp recipients downloaded which files. The number of downloads per individual email recipient can be restricted. For example, using the single-use link, a recipient can only download the content once. Subsequent download attempts will display an alert page that the maximum downloads have already been completed. This feature is critical to prevent the unlimited access for anyone selling their content online.

Unrestricted download links are also available. These links will not limit the number of times a file can be accessed, but will provide tracking information so the publisher can see which reader is the most active in sharing the attached content. This mode is particularly useful for content that is being shared both in email and across social networks like Twitter and Facebook. MailChimp subscribers can now see how their content is being accessed and by whom.

A special Digioh feature for distribution controls is the "Viral List Building" link. This link requires anyone seeking to download the content to provide an email address to subscribe to a MailChimp newsletter list when accessing the file. This link is perfect for distributing white papers or other useful content.

Digioh's free service provides for up to 10 downloads per month and up to one gigabyte of data storage. There is also a paid service level with unlimted downloads and storage of 20 gigabytes.

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