• September 13, 2011

LiveVox Enhances Dialer Compliance with Account Penetration Settings

LiveVox, the provider of the Private VoIP Cloud and integrated contact center applications, has added account penetration settings to its predictive dialer compliance suite. The LiveVox Cloud includes a flexible compliance suite so contact centers can customize and manage outbound campaigns to their own legal and client mandates, even as requirements change over time.

LiveVox penetration settings tools enable contact centers to configure the number of times an account or number is dialed during a specified period.

"Whether clients have requested ways to approach cell phones or state dialing laws, LiveVox has long been dedicated to developing compliance features that matter to contact centers," said Louis Summe, CEO of LiveVox. "Our cloud integration methodology allows us to develop new features more quickly and implement them across client locations much faster and cheaper than competing hardware solutions."

LiveVox integrates core contact center applications like dialer, ACD, PBX, and compliance features and deploys them from a PCI-certified, third-party audited cloud platform. The LiveVox platform offers real-time scale for outbound call processing and faster voice/data transfers for quicker connections.

Account Penetration Settings add to a compliance suite that includes LiveVox Dynamic Preview and free integrated cell phone scrubs, which were released in early 2010 and present a path to manage cell phone compliance without sacrificing efficiency and productivity.

Additional features of the LiveVox Compliance Suite include the following:

  • PCI compliant; third-party audited infrastructure;
  • End-to-end PCI compliant payment lines;
  • State dialing configuration GUIs;
  • Integrated dual-track call recording for inbound, outbound, and manual calls;
  • Manual dialing call curfews;
  • Cell phone scrubs by campaign at no cost; and
  • Customizable real-time Do Not Call (DNC)

"Whether call centers are trying to manage effort against diminishing returns, regulatory concerns, or client dialing/sloping specifications, this new tool allows user customizable settings for those purposes,” said John McNamara, chief marketing officer at LiveVox. &"Contact centers need to review vendors' track records of listening to client concerns and quickly delivering meaningful features to help them meet their business goals. The cloud, as opposed to site-premised hardware, is uniquely positioned to offer the flexibility and rapid deployment needed for ongoing compliance management."

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