• September 13, 2011

Digital Element Partners with Semcasting on Location-Based Solution

Digital Element, a provider of geolocation and IP intelligence technology, has partnered with Semcasting to provide its IP-to-ZIP code targeting technology for the company's IP Audience Zone Targeting solution, which automatically scores and categorizes online traffic into user types and demographic segments to secure full qualified audience coverage, beyond the estimated 35 percent targeted by cookies.

"With 'Do Not Track' programs for online behavioral targeting emerging and shoppers unwilling to disclose personal information for a more personalized online experience, it has become more difficult for retailers to accurately target the right Web users in the right places," said Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting. "Instead of relying on an increasingly limited base of cookied users, IP Audience Zone Targeting allows retailers to personalize the Web site experience using an advanced, privacy-sensitive, and demographically appropriate targeting process. Our solution classifies in real time anonymous Web visitors in order to automatically provide personalized content and targeted promotions specific to digital neighborhoods across America, based on user type and demographic profiles."

IP Audience Zone's multi-step analytical process incorporates Digital Element's NetAcuity Edge technology to identify Web users' locations down to a ZIP code level. The solution then segments the ZIP codes by audience types and assigns the demographics associated with them as sub-ZIP code micro areas for digital targeting. IP Audience Zone relies on the premiere direct marketing database that contains detailed information on more than 227 million people and 126 million households, mapping it to the U.S. Internet by IP address.

This solution helps digital campaigns target site visitors based on the same demographic and psychographic data used in other advertising mediums. For example, large electronics retailers could detect the user type (home with demographics and psychographics, business, government, education, wireless, etc.) associated with an anonymous Web site visitor and decide to reroute to a specific landing page and/or serve an appropriate targeted promotion for products that resonate with certain audience segments.

"Companies such as Semcasting realize the value our technology brings to the targeting arena in terms of both data accuracy and privacy," said Rob Friedman, executive vice president at Digital Element. "We believe that having the ability to identify the location of Web site visitors down to a ZIP code level forms the foundation of understanding what motivates and interests consumers in their local communities. Our partnership with Semcasting creates another avenue to help retailers drive sales not only during the busy holiday season, but also throughout the year."

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