• June 28, 2013

Totango Releases Engagement Reporting Feature

Totango has rolled out a new engagement reporting feature as part of its customer engagement management platform.

Users can now create reports that tell the engagement story of their account bases, shine a light on how engaged and successful customers are, identify risks and opportunities, and understand critical trends.

With the new engagement reports, online businesses can now answer these crucial questions:

  • What part of the account base is unengaged and unhealthy? How is that broken down by their signup date or account manager?
  • How many engaged trial accounts do we have? Is that number growing?
  • Of our accounts at risk, how many are onboarding-risk vs. ongoing-risk?
  • Number of daily and weekly engaged accounts over time, broken by plan and region?.
  • Is the quality of new leads/trials improving?
  • What sort of accounts are most successful and which represent the most risk?
  • How many engaged users do we have?

The engagement report also comes equipped with Account Health Summary and Account Lifecycle reports that respectively show the breakdown of accounts in Good/Poor health and outline the number of free, paying, and canceled accounts over time.

"Our customers are always looking for more ways to understand customer engagement trends and undercurrents. We're excited to add our newest expansion to the Totango product-line," said Oren Raboy, vice president of products at Totango, in a statement. "The new engagement reports are a simple, beautiful but very powerful way to visualize user engagement and identify risks and opportunities. We've seen customers use them in anything from daily customer-review meetings to quarterly board sessions."

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