• December 5, 2012

Creative Virtual Launches V-Person Social Media

Creative Virtual, a provider of customer experience management solutions, is rolling out V-Person Social Media to merge the interactive power of social media and virtual assistant technology to improve customer retention and reduce support costs. 

V-Person Social Media employs natural language and knowledge management technologies to deliver personalized, self-service social experiences to customers on Facebook, Twitter, or any social media network. Virtual assistants can interact with fans and followers seeking 24/7 answers to customer service, marketing, or sales questions without requiring them to leave the social networks or contact call centers. This advantage allows companies in a range of industries to refocus their human capital on higher-level tasks.

"Putting cross-market companies within social media interaction points is critical for the success of today's branding strategy," said Chris Ezekiel, founder and CEO of Creative Virtual, in a statement. "Our goal is to continually build on our comprehensive suite of self-directed customer service solutions so our customers can evolve their customer relationships."

V-Person Social Media offers the following:

  • Social Network Integration: V-Person Social Media integrates with any social media channel, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and community forums, making up-to-date company information available 24/7.
  • Customized Branding: V-Person Social Media allows companies to go beyond branding and add personality to their social profiles.
  • Customer Specific: V-Person Social Media aggregates company information making it easier for customers to get answers to their questions.
  • Natural Language: Customers ask questions and receive answers in natural language. As a result, customers can hold entire conversations with virtual assistants that will provide a consistent, personalized experience for fans and followers.
  • Real-Time Metrics: V-Person Social Media provides business intelligence.

"V-Person Social Media simplifies social media engagement by providing a robust solution for social customer service using virtual assistants that emulate real person interactions and provide a reliable, consistent customer experience," said Richard Simons, Creative Virtual USA CEO, in a statement. "This addition to our customer solution suite is easy to scale and can be deployed from V-Portal, our integrated multichannel knowledge management platform, lowering cost per conversation."

V-Person Social Media leverages V-Portal to create, share, and manage contextually based conversations across a variety of Web, social media, and mobile applications. Creative Virtual's virtual assistants tap into a company's knowledgebase to use all available information and deliver natural language conversations. If human interaction is required, virtual assistants can identify and escalate issues via live chat, email, or call back, using existing call center management software.

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