• February 9, 2012

utribo Connect Adds Click-to-Call and Click-to-Video to Any Web Site or Social Network

utribo launched Connect, a turnkey suite of multimedia services that works with any laptop or desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

With Connect, organizations create a unique URL that their customers, employees, or business partners click on to initiate a voice call to a VoIP, mobile, or PSTN number, or to access their organization's PBX. The URL also can automatically launch an HD video call, such as with a contact center representative, or a one-way video session, such as for an instant product demo. All of these services are available from any Windows or Mac Web browser.

Connect is designed to simplify user access while providing flexible security options. Customers, employees or business partners can contact Connect subscribers anonymously, via their Facebook or Twitter accounts, or through Web site authentication.

Connect packages a service suite previously available only to Web developers with four bundles of connectivity, security and features:

  • The free Basic tier includes one-to-one voice and video calls for a single destination.
  • The $9.99 per month Enhanced tier adds features such as visual voicemail, one-way video, call routing to PSTN numbers, public SIP addresses, and authenticated calling, along with the option of additional destinations.
  • The $49.99 per month Enterprise tier adds features such as support for up to 10 concurrent calls and enhanced support service levels.
  • The competitively priced Carrier tier adds features such as unlimited concurrent calls and SIP trunking, and access to utribo internal APIs.

All four bundles include caller licenses and unlimited usage, providing predictable operating costs.

Connect also enables organizations to add multimedia interactivity to sales-team sites and business workflows such as CRM/ERP.

"Connect is a fast, high-quality, inexpensive, low-risk way to add multimedia interactivity to nearly any application or vertical, from banking to gaming to dating," said utribo Co-Founder and CEO Alain Sturzenegger, in a statement. "With Connect, businesses can differentiate themselves by providing superior sales and customer-care experiences, and they can leverage the rapidly growing installed base of video devices to provide consumers with a convenient new way to communicate both with their organization and with one another."

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