• October 2, 2012

newBrandAnalytics Launches nBA 3.0

newBrandAnalytics, a provider of social market intelligence, released nBA 3.0, a social market intelligence solution for deciphering online commentary to uncover drivers of customer loyalty and how they use this intelligence to drive operational and marketing strategy. 

nBA 3.0 is used by thousands of businesses that care about their customers' experiences.  It enables General Managers, VPs of Operations, and Marketing/PR professionals to continuously improve the store-level customer experience.  These users can do the following:

  • Uncover and fix product, pricing, and value issues;
  • Measure service effectiveness and identify training opportunities;
  • Pinpoint trouble spots with equipment, suppliers, internal processes, and delivery;
  • Understand competitive benchmarks and discover ways to win new customers; and
  • Connect directly with reviewers to increase customer loyalty.

"Listening to and understanding the vast amount of online customer feedback was just made infinitely easier and more effective with nBA 3.0," said Cathy Lowery, director of brand and wine club development at Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurants, in a statement. "The streamlined visuals, instant analysis, and ability to drill down into very specific customer feedback and trends help us know what our customers actually want so we can ensure a superior experience every single time."
Highlights of nBA 3.0 include the following:

  • nBA Insight: uses innovative technology and industry-specific algorithms to collect massive amounts of unstructured online customer feedback, decipher it on a local, regional and brand level, and provide deep location performance analytics, benchmarks, and top and bottom themes with detailed reviews.  With this robust intelligence, companies can make location-specific operational improvements that matter most to their business.  
  • nBA Connect: allows companies to quickly assess reviews most in need of response, begin a dialogue with reviewers, monitor progress of engagement, and track internal customer engagement goals.
  • nBA Advantage: gathers and distills volumes of social media feedback to provide  companies with the most robust look at what draws customers to their competitors so they can use that insider knowledge to win customers
  • nBA Instant: gives consumers a way to communicate directly with a business immediately and at every service touch point.  Real-time alerts allow general managers and property managers to react quickly to problems, fixing them before they cause potential long-term damage to the customer experience.

"nBA 3.0 excels in what industry leaders told us are two critical deliverables of a social market intelligence solution: usability and action," said Kristin Muhlner, CEO of newBrandAnalytics, in the statement. "The platform empowers people to make fast, data-driven decisions including operational improvements and strategic changes across their brands, regions and locations. The information is tailored to the user's area of expertise and the data offered gives them the knowledge they need to confidently make changes that will improve the customer experience and increase revenue."

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