• February 22, 2013

mBLAST Partners with C2B Suite

C2B Suite, the social standard for customer care, and mBLAST, the leading provider of Web presence analytics, today announced a formal partnership, bringing mBLAST's mPACT dISTIL search, sentiment, and resonance algorithmic scoring to customers of C2B Suite's social customer service integration, implementation, and benchmarking services.

This partnership will allow C2B Suite to use mBLAST's data and patented scoring in its social customer service consulting practice. Additionally, C2B Suite will use the mPACT Connect API to provide mBLAST's data directly via C2B's SCPM Benchmarking Compendium dashboard interface or as an integration with a customer's current social CRM solution.

"Businesses are dealing with volumes of social media customer interactions, comments, and complaints that are overwhelming and unmanageable," says mBLAST CEO Mark Hatch, in a statement. "One recent business I've spoken with receives a social media mention every second - far too much volume to be handled by even the largest team of community managers. That's why I'm so excited about our partnership with C2B Suite. Our algorithms will help their client's customer care professionals triage this mess of data and focus their interaction on the most important or influential customers. Not every Web voice can be responded to; we will help create an environment where noise is filtered out and customer service can occur with laser precision."

"We are thrilled to become a member of the mPACT Partner Program. By providing mPACT web presence analytics to our clients, we are now able to give them a real-time, filtered and prioritized view into the valuable abundance of social data on the web pertinent to their product and customers. What mBLAST offers is unique in the market, previous solutions gave us no way of conducting historical customer experience analysis for meaningful benchmarking comparatives," commented Scott Swope, managing partner at C2B Suite, in the statement.

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