• December 6, 2011

Zultys Unveils MXIE SuperView

Zultys, a provider of unified communications solutions, today introduced MXIE SuperView, a contact center management tool that provides real-time visibility into agent productivity, queued and active calls, call wait time, threshold alerts, and more from a single screen.

SuperView does the following:

  • Provides critical real-time information on the number of active calls; the longest wait, talk or hold time; and the number of calls in a queue (all information is updated in real time);
  • Shows a snapshot of group-level statistics, such as total agents logged in and available and group call totals for a given time period (whether answered, abandoned or overflowed to voice mail);
  • Enables supervisors to monitor individual agent activity, including the number of inbound or outbound calls handled, the agent's average and total talk time and hold time, and the agent's status (available, not available, etc.) and how long the agent has been in that state;
  • Uses automatic, configurable, color-coded alerts that draw immediate attention to issues like unusually long wait times.

SuperView is part of the Integrated Contact Center option for MX30/MX250, and is fully integrated into the Zultys MXIE UC client; no third-party applications are needed.

"Our award-winning contact center solutions are already leading the industry in innovation and providing a benchmark for unique, state-of-the-art IP and contact center technology," said Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys. "With the addition of SuperView, we again raise the bar, further enhancing our already comprehensive call center solution."

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