• January 29, 2019

Zuant Releases Vault to Help with Data Compliance Rules

Zuant, providers of a mobile lead capture cloud solution, has launched Zuant Vault, providing precise control and management of contact data to meet the most stringent regulations, such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

"While most industry coverage of data issues in a GDPR world focuses on in-house systems, managing contact data on mobile devices poses a huge risk because it is stored on individual devices. Zuant Vault deals with this risk head-on," said Zuant CEO Peter Gillett in a statement.

Zuant Vault's cloud-based administrator management system guarantees 100 percent compliance by ensuring companies market only to those who have granted permission. It allows sales and marketing to obtain consent from the individual one time only via an opt-in process. Consent is stored in Zuant Vault and transfers to all devices automatically.

Zuant Vault is a secure datastore that lives in the cloud. Each account has a database in the Vault, and each database contains the entire history of every change made to every contact record. Every detail of every data load is also recorded, so that the entire history of interactions between the company and its prospects and customers is properly maintained.

Zuant Vault also eliminates duplicate contacts being created and provides controlled access to contact information to ensure that the details of any contact will not be revealed unless Zuant can guarantee that the relevant consent is in place.

Zuant can perform various actions with regard to individuals, such as sending emails, pushing data to third-party systems, and storing data. Zuant Vault assures that all individuals have consented before any of these actions take place.

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