• August 24, 2011

Workface Releases Enterprise Customer Engagement Platform

Workface, a provider of online customer interaction technology, today released its enterprise-ready Workface Customer Engagement Platform (CEP).

The Workface platform is designed for marketing, sales, and customer service executives with field sales and service organizations/agents that rely on personal interaction to sell and support products and/or services.

"You don't have to search very far on the Web to find all the gripes people have about using chat to communicate online with companies," said Lief Larson, president and product strategist at Workface, in a statement. "These platforms were a good idea 10 years ago when Web sites were the cornerstone of the Internet, and before social arrived on the scene, but not today. Today, the Web itself is the hub, and with their faceless technology, chat vendors simply can't make the grade, no matter how hard they try to dress-up their technology."

Workface is specifically architected to replace legacy chat platforms by putting the customer or prospect in control of the interaction, enabling him to choose with whom he wants to interact, in what manner, and in which Web venue. It also mobilizes field teams throughout the Web by using interactive searchable and portable content Web-containers called profiles (the "Workface") that are personalized by individuals to help online customers and prospects at their moment-of-need. These profiles can reside anywhere on the Web, so they can be placed wherever someone might go to look for help or ask questions, including company Web sites, search engines, high-traffic Web sites, and social media.

Workface literally gives a "face" to a company and its representatives, and empowers customers and prospects to find and select the right sales or customer service person on their terms. Its key capabilities include the following:

  • Identity Control: empowers sales agents with the means to be digitally receptive to prospective customers on the Internet;
  • Relationship Management: lets sales agents interact with customers one-on-one in real time on the Web;
  • Self-imagery: displays sales agents' unique persona to establish trust with customers through personality and authenticity (being real);
  • Live Engagement: leverages technology to provide an experience that most closely replicates a real-world, face-to-face meeting.
  • Sales Force Identity Management Toolbox (social media, SEM, Web sites): an entirely new way to initiate live interaction with customers in multiple environments;
  • Content Management: upload, store, and publish data;
  • Portable Web Container: a singular place to store the identity of each agent and broadcast it to numerous destinations across the web;
  • Open Network Framework: professional profiles are available to anonymous customers without requiring any prior relationship or login information;
  • ndividual and Corporate Level Control: back-end management capabilities provide management control to both the sales agent and the company administrator;
  • Live Text, Video, and Audio Chat: real-time, two-way communications between agent and customer; and
  • Simple Desktop Software: a desktop client that monitors agents' online status, presents online status to customers, and operates as the real-time interface between agents and customers.

Early customers of the Workface enterprise version include Suburban Chevrolet, Titan Machinery Outlet, Northstar Disability, Travel Leaders of Fargo, Truck Writers, and HealthSource Solutions.

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