• November 1, 2012

WFO Solution Gives Contact Center Agents A View into the Quality Improvement Process

Coordinated Systems has released the Virtual Observer Agent Portal to allow contact center agents to view peer statistics, play back their own calls, respond to evaluations, and more.

The idea for the Agent Portal concept got its start with the VO Live agent assistance tool that allows supervisors to view agent desktops live in real time, click on a thumbnail screen to enlarge it, initiate a chat to ask if an agent needs help, or to even take control of the desktop if the situation warrants it.

Agent Portal was developed with the intention of closing the loop in the quality monitoring process. By involving the agent and providing access to Virtual Observer, the thought was agents would then gain a sense of ownership. The agents will now have access to respond to their evaluations, view peer statistics, to play back their own calls, create their own reporting dashboards and much more.

Agent Portal picks up the functionalities which exist in Virtual Observer's E-learning services, including the ability to have training material assigned to an agent based on scoring results. Agent Portal boosts this feature by adding task completion notices for the agents, which are viewable by the supervisor in Virtual Observer.

The newest feature in the Agent Portal suite is Chatterbox, a chat-like service that enables one-to-one or one-to-many discussions. Users need to have the proper permissions to initiate a chat. Agents or supervisors can also save groups for easy access. Users can ask questions, share tips, and save messages to their Scratch Pad, a note-saving feature in Agent Portal.

"We're so jazzed to bring these additional capabilities to our customers. We think enterprise contact centers will embrace this technology to create excitement within their agent groups. The excitement will help translate the usual call monitoring process to greater employee productivity gains. We have more enhancements forthcoming in 2012 for Agent Portal which will only increase the value inherent in this feature suite" said Rich Marcia, director of marketing at Coordinated Systems, in a statement.

Users can also now personalize their Virtual Observer profiles by adding their pictures or choosing the layout themes.

Virtual Observer Agent Portal is also deeply entwined in Virtual Observer's Web interface, allowing agents with proper authentication to log in from their Web browser and use the call monitoring solution.

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