• March 27, 2012

Voice4net Launches Contact Center HD

Voice4net, a provider of contact center software and customer management solutions, today unveiled its Contact Center HD (CCHD) customer interaction solution.

CCHD is a platform that addresses specific end-user business models, policies, and real-world requirements. For both premise-based and hosted environments, CCHD integrates a comprehensive array of media streams, including traditional voice, email, Web, and chat interactions, as well as next-generation mediums, such as social networks and mobility interactions, to provide businesses with multiple touch points to serve customers. In addition, this customer management ecosystem boasts advanced features and applications, including intelligent call routing, inbound and outbound automation, integrated customer records, predictive customer profiles, call and agent management, real-time monitoring, and historical reports. By providing agents with a comprehensive view of customer behaviors and propensities, combined with its reporting and administrative tools, CCHD empowers business to use customer interactions as a springboard to deliver enhanced service, drive satisfaction, increase revenue, and improve profitability.

"Contact Center HD is designed to help businesses manage their customer communications in a thoughtful, flexible, and completely scalable manner," said Rick McFarland, CEO of Voice4net, in a statement. "This technology enables businesses to cater to the needs of their customers, who oftentimes are choosing any number of different media to contact businesses. This high degree of adaptability is critical for companies who must manage a myriad of technologies and services within the contact center environment. CCHD simplifies these processes by delivering a turnkey platform that can conform to any environment."

"Voice4net's Contact Center HD solution represents a new dimension for businesses that are looking to better manage and improve relationships with their customers," said Blair Pleasant, president of COMMfusion a market research firm headquartered in northern California. "The ability to integrate new touch points, such as social media and mobility features, demonstrates Voice4net's understanding of where consumer propensities are heading in terms of communication. The product's feature set, combined with its flexibility and intuitive user interface, should be well positioned to satisfy business needs today and in the future."

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