• March 9, 2018

Video Interview: CRM Evolution Keynoter Gives a Preview

CRM Evolution keynoter Brian Solis has identified modern consumers as "accidental narcissists," who, because of technology innovation, have come to expect every interaction with companies to be personalized.

Solis, a futurist, author, and principal analyst at Altimeter Group, will deliver the keynote address during CRM Evolition in Washington April 9-11. He gave a preview of his talk to CRM Evolution conference co-chairs Paul Greenberg and Brent Leary in this video interview.

"People want things personalized. They'll even add words like, "What's the best SUV for me?" We see crazy things like, "What's the best toothbrush for me?," Solis explained during the interview. "And that's up 200 percent in the last year."

Solis pointed to the "irony" that comes from companies having "to use machines to help us figure out how to be more human at scale. What we'll start to see is AI for marketing, AI for employee engagement, AI for all of these different platforms, at least scaled personalization within their respected funnel before we get it across the journey.

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