• September 8, 2011

Varolii Unveils New Reporting and Analytics Technology

Varolii, a provider of interactive business-to-consumer text, voice, and email communications, has launched the Varolii Interact Portal for real-time reporting, analytics, and controls for customer interactions. Varolii Interact Portal empowers companies to gain deeper, real-time insights into their customer communications performance and business operations, and the ability to automatically monitor and manage applications in one easy-to-use interface.

The first release of this next-generation portal includes Varolii Performance Insight, which enables companies to manage business operations with timely monitoring of key performance metrics. Varolii Performance Manager, which provides new administrative controls to optimize solution performance, will be available in the first quarter of 2012. Varolii will be releasing industry-specific Varolii Performance Insight reports and metrics to enable clients to further analyze the results and improve all aspects of their automated communications.

Varolii Interact Portal leverages the latest technologies, including Ruby on Rails application frameworks, JBoss software, Oracle 11g database technology, and robust analytics technology from Information Builders.

Varolii Interact Portal serves as the platform for Varolii Performance Insight and Varolii Performance Manager, and will be tailored to key industries, including healthcare, banking, mortgage, airlines, retail, utilities, and telecommunications.

"To be successful, organizations need to translate data into usable business information and insights in real-time. However, many reporting tools only provide historical data in a static format rather than meaningful insights that companies can interact with and act upon instantly," said Steve Weick, vice president of engineering at Varolii. "When it comes to customer communications, the lack of information can impact customer satisfaction in a variety of ways. Varolii Interact Portal is a new, innovative way for us to provide our customers with a platform that enables customizable real-time monitoring with proactive alerting, analytics, reporting and controls tailored for their industry."

Using Varolii Performance Insight, companies can analyze and manipulate data to measure the impact of Varolii applications on their businesses. Varolii Performance Insight allows users to see the status of all solutions at a single glance, monitor key application metrics, and automatically alert users when performance is outside of normal thresholds. Users can slice and dice data directly in reports offline, anywhere and anytime, so information access is completely portable. Reports will also have configurable options to tailor tables and charts to best meet specific company needs, and power users can create their own custom reports using the Report Creator feature.

"Varolii Interact Portal is more effective in telling the story of how cost-effective Varolii is. It makes my life easier in that it gives me what I am looking for in communicating with my managers," said Allison Ditton, manager of vendor collections at Puget Sound Energy.

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