VIDEO: How to Redesign the Fan Journey

SEAT CEO & Founder Christine Soffel discusses how professional sports organizations can use data to personalize the fan experience in this clip from CRM evolution 2018.

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Read the complete transcript from this clip:

Christine Soffel: What I think is missing in the industry, as a prior CIO, is looking at the fan journey from at technology perspective. A lot of conversation these days is talking about the fan journey--not just the journey of the fan in the stadium/arena, but the journey of the fan even starting from home. What I'm championing across the industry is to look at the build and the architecture and design of the stadiums and arenas, and start redesigning them based on the journey of the fan.

What does the fan want to experience when they're in that venue, and how can we take that journey and that experience for them and make it customized and make it personal? It has to do with collecting data and getting to know them and understanding what they want to do while they're in that venue, and what experience they want to have.

With our SEAT conference in Dallas coming up in July, we're having a lot of conversations about that. We're bringing in architects, we're bringing in engineers, we're bringing in the data, the CMOs, the CIOs, and having that conversation. Five to seven years the future, how do we need to be building these new stadiums, these venues, these arenas to embrace what the fans want to experience? And how do we make that experience unique and impactful to them?

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