• April 17, 2012

VHT Offers a Multichannel Callback Solution

Virtual Hold Technology today introduced the Conversation Bridge, which will enable companies to blend automated support with the ability to access live agents when help is needed, regardless of the channel, including smartphones, mobile apps, social media sites, Web sites, and even gaming consoles.

"By 2016, more than 60 percent of inbound customer service calls will come from smartphones, laptops, and devices other than landlines, like gaming consoles, set top boxes and store kiosks," said VHT CEO Kevin >Sjodin, in a statement. "Today's always-connected, app-enabled customers want answers quickly so they can solve problems and accomplish tasks. This means that after trying self-service, sometimes they need to talk."

VHT's Conversation Bridge integrates with businesses' existing communications infrastructures. When customer problems can't be solved through self-service, the Conversation Bridge offers ASAP or scheduled callbacks that capture previously entered context data from any channel and passes it to agents using existing routing and screen-pop systems. Customers don't have to start all over at the beginning of business process by dialing a 1-800 number, endure extended hold times, or repeat information. Instead, the call is handled by an agent empowered with the most recent, relevant information and knowledge to resolve the problem.

"Multichannel, intelligent callbacks with context benefit both customers and businesses," Sjodin said. "Customers never have to start over, repeat information, or wait on hold. Companies save the cost and time associated with having the customer repeat information they already provided during self-service, and because the Conversation Bridge activates at precisely the moment when the customer is at a crossroads, it presents businesses with an opportunity to build the brand perception and customer relationship at a critical point in time."

The Conversation Bridge uses smart business rules to dynamically change the callback options offered to callers based on current, projected, and historical staffing and queue conditions to prevent queues from becoming overloaded. Additionally, key metrics for measuring system performance are recorded and reported to enable business stakeholders and IT support staff to optimize the system.

Business rules and reports are managed through a single Web-based user interface.

So developers can quickly incorporate the Conversation Bridg into their systems, a variety of connectors plug into existing customer interaction applications. They include Web services and application templates for iOS and Android, as well as VoiceXML call flows that make it easy for developers to work with the Conversation Bridge platform.

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