• June 5, 2012

VHT Awarded Patent to Enable Callbacks to Mobile Devices

Virtual Hold Technology announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded it Patent No. 8,112,069, "A System & Method For Establishing Automated Call Back Using a Mobile Communication Device," thus expanding VHT's intellectual property to include applications for mobile devices, such as smartphones.

VHT's patent protects the ability to place a list of customer service queues, along with their expected wait times, on to a mobile phone interface. After evaluating the wait times, the invention empowers customers to request a callback as soon as possible or allows them to schedule a callback for a more convenient time. This process provides a solution to the common customer service problem of dead-ending after exhausting self-service options in a mobile app and is also an effective alternative to calling a toll free number, starting all over and waiting on hold. 

With mobile device adoption exploding, the callback technology that is integrated into VHT's new Conversation Bridge product promises to enable companies to offer a more satisfying customer experience at this critical touch point, while at the same time achieving operational efficiencies. For consumers who consistently rank "repeating account information," "confusing menus," and "waiting on hold" at the top of their lists of customer service complaints, VHT's patented technology saves them time, mobile phone minutes, and frustration when they have reached a point in the business process where they need to get through to a skilled customer service representative who can help them complete their transaction or service inquiry.

In addition, VHT's latest patent protects the ability to place a list of companies, along with their service queues, on a mobile device in the form of a directory. This invention is useful to consumers on mobile phones who are looking for a streamlined way to reach services from a variety of companies.

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