• October 30, 2012

UpSync Launches Integrated Mobile Sales Intelligence Application

UpSync has added a custom form builder to its Intelligently Integrated Selling platform that allows sales and marketing managers to design and build custom forms and surveys, then instantly deploy them to field reps' mobile devices or online directly to customers.

Form builder complements the toolset UpSync offers for increasing the effectiveness of mobile sales teams. UpSync lets users find the content they need and create dynamic presentations on their mobile devices. Now, they can integrate forms right inside their presentations, so sales conversations flow seamlessly.

"Form builder provides a cost-effective way of gathering real-time customer intelligence through face-to-face conversations," said UpSync's director of product development, Matt Vander Vliet, in a statement. "Reps can instantly collect numeric, qualitative and factual data using their iPad or smartphone."

UpSync administrators can build custom forms in minutes by selecting common input fields, such as name, title, and email address from a pick list, then adding their own multiple-choice drop down lists, sliders, or buttons. Form builder includes templates for rating, or ‘Likert,' scales that gauge responders' level of agreement or disagreement to a specific idea, providing insight on customer perceptions.

Using UpSync forms and business apps in the sales process can help front-line sellers engage in a ‘discovery' process, to more fully understand customer needs, prior to presenting. With UpSync, reps can then quickly find and adjust the right content to present on their mobile, based on what they learn.

"UpSync was designed to enhance overall sales effectiveness," said vice president of sales Gary Galusha,in the statement. "Form builder represents another great tool for streamlining and integrating the entire sales process."

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