• October 27, 2011

U.S. Cellular Optimizes the Customer Lifecycle with InfiniteInsight

Wireless service provider U.S. Cellular is implementing new retention and revenue-driving strategies using KXEN's flagship product, InfiniteInsight. InfiniteInsight's automated predictive analytics and data mining approach has reduced the time to deliver predictive models from months to days, giving U.S. Cellular the agility to respond to market changes as well as the productivity to support sophisticated marketing campaigns.

"It simply would not have been possible to deliver the quantity and quality of predictive models needed in these efforts without InfiniteInsight" says Dave Torgerson, senior director of shared analytical and data services at U.S. Cellular. "We chose InfiniteInsight because it delivers the biggest gains in productivity and ultimately results among the predictive analytics solutions on the market. InfiniteInsight is not only faster, but allows us to build a large number of higher-quality models with only limited resources."

Although US Cellular's churn rate is among the lowest in the industry, it remains a top priority, especially with the increasing competition in the wireless service provider market. By using predictive analytics and data mining, the company can proactively target potential churners with compelling retention offers.

Additionally, U.S. Cellular is using InfiniteInsight to drive cross-sell activities. Initially U.S. Cellular used InfiniteInsight to build 45 models in only two months to power next-best-activity recommendations in its call center and point-of-sale systems. This sophisticated marketing approach allows U.S. Cellular to drive more relevant offers to customers and increase per-customer revenue.

"InfiniteInsight focuses on what really matters in our modeling environment: the bottlenecks in data preparation and model building, while still providing a solution that can be used across many different customer lifecycle applications," Torgerson adds. "InfiniteInsight's automated approach to model building and scoring allows us to meet a big and rapidly growing demand for data mining and predictive modeling without an army of statisticians. We're building more high-quality models ithout additional headcount. These huge gains from InfiniteInsight translate into faster time-to-market with far more personalized campaigns."

"U.S. Cellular is the latest operator to prove that predictive analytics is the key to unlocking real business value from vast amounts of customer data," said John Ball, CEO of KXEN. "U.S. Cellular joins a growing list of global telecommunications firms making InfiniteInsight their first-choice predictive analytics partner for customer retention, cross-sell, up-sell, and customer acquisition."

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