• February 16, 2012

Trumpia Adds Free Mobile Text Rewards Program

Trumpia, a solution provider for multichannel marketing and messaging, today launched the beta version of its new loyalty rewards program, leveraging QR code and mobile keyword technologies. This new capability is free to Trumpia's premium monthly plan subscribers.

Offering a more contemporary alternative to paper or plastic bonus rewards cards, Trumpia's new rewards program works right on mobile phones to increase convenience and security for consumers and encourage repeat purchasing for businesses.

Trumpia adds four main benefits to an otherwise ordinary mobile rewards program.

First, Trumpia's mobile rewards program allows businesses to engage customers across a variety of devices, not only smartphones but also conventional feature phones. Second, Trumpia's integrated solution allows a business to engage its customers further, beyond just the mobile rewards program. Businesses can use Trumpia's All-In-One Marketing platform to grow their customer databases and send promotional offers to mobile numbers that they collect through the rewards program. Third, all of the benefits of Trumpia's All-In-One Marketing solution are available at one price. In addition, all of Trumpia's features are truly integrated into one user interface to work in tandem via a single dashboard. Fourth, Trumpia was designed with anti-fraud measures in mind. During each reward point transaction, an approval with an easy click is required by the business' staff. Trumpia also tracks points and flags suspicious or fraudulent activities.

Trumpia's mobile rewards program is simple to set-up. Businesses just define a reward and then select the amount of points that customers must accumulate before being able to redeem their prizes. Trumpia offers two ways for customers to add points; onsumers can either scan a QR code or text in a mobile keyword, which the business approves in real-time upon each in-store visit or purchase. This extra step protects the business against people who might try to use the system to fraudulently add points. When customers accumulate enough valid points to reach their rewards goal, they are sent automatic text messages to confirm that they can redeem their prizes. The system also offers a reporting feature that allows an administrator to view, at a glance, whether the customer has already earned and redeemed a prize against a specific rewards goal. Finally, to help the business promote its rewards program, Trumpia offers a professionally-designed flyer that a business can quickly customize, automatically configure, and then print.

"Now a business can offer its customers the best of the old punch card system conveniently and securely on their mobile phones, eliminating paper cards that are easy to lose and misplace," said Derek Rhie, co-founder and director of sales and support at Trumpia, in a statement. "Our mobile rewards card program makes it easy for people to connect and engage with their favorite business again and again so they can take advantage of the perks of being a loyal customer. At the same time, it helps a business improve its bottom line by increasing revenues, saving administrative costs and avoiding fraudulent stamping activities that are often associated with paper or plastic cards."

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