• September 11, 2013

Trapit Introduces New Content Curation Solution for Marketers

Trapit, a provider of content curation solutions, today released the Trapit Content Curation Center for Marketers, an application that automates discovering, trapping, and delivering a steady stream of relevant, timely and unique content.

With Trapit's Content Curation Center, marketers can do the following:

  • Discover quality content from Trapit's library of more than 100,000 public Internet sources of original content while allowing marketers to also add their own sources—public or private.
  • Trap content that is relevant to the business or brand—either automatically or through assisted curation.
  • Deliver ontent to their audiences in the manner in which they want to consume it—whether it is Web based, tablet, smartphone, email, or via social networks.
  • Analyze results to tailor the content.

"In an ever-expanding ocean of data, your customers risk drowning in the clutter," said Gary Griffiths, Trapit's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "The sheer volume of data has outstripped traditional search technology, which is further hampered by techniques to ensure the content that is most popular—not most relevant—is surfaced. Today, we are delivering our new Content Curation Center that automates the time-consuming and costly task of discovering, trapping and delivering relevant content."

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