• April 3, 2013

Tracx Releases Social Leads to Tie Sales and Social

Tracx, a social intelligence platform, introduced Social Leads, a platform to tie sales directly to social conversations by helping enterprises identify and engage with people actively involved in the buying process, as well as track and measure results.

Tracx Social Leads combs through all the conversations happening on social networks today--across sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, community forums and retail sites such as Amazon and eBay--to identify people actively engaged in the buying process. Tracx Social Leads analyzes those social conversations and automatically organizes people by where they are in the buying process.

"We're challenging the outdated marketing and sales model of buying a list, cold calling prospects, attending expensive tradeshows, and sending direct mail, all in an effort to drum up a single sale," said Eran Gilad, CEO of tracx, in a statement. "In today's social world, it makes far more sense to shift the focus to prospects actively researching or expressing a need for the products you sell. Tracx is tackling this problem with Social Leads by helping enterprises understand not only buyer demographics, but by automatically pinpointing exactly where people are in the buying process in real time through analyzing the conversations people are already having on social networks. Goodbye cold calls, hello social sales."

Tracx Social Leads enables enterprises to do the following:

  • Create a real-time lead pipeline by creating a whole new revenue channel automatically filtering through all real-time conversations on social networks to enable enterprises to rapidly find prospects in an active buying phase.
  • Increase marketing program impact by tailoring marketing and sales programs in realtime to exactly where people are in the buying process (awareness, research, opinion, purchase or loyalty).
  • Optimize ad spend by better understanding audiences through social: demographics, location, their intent, and those influencers that can actually impact prospect buying behavior
  • Show revenue impact of social program investments by tracking sales leads that originated in social conversations
  • Empower sales teams with real-time prospect knowledge through integration of existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems; tracking and leverage of existing enterprise workflows.

Tracx also announced the first of several CRM system integrations planned this year with SugarCRM.

"Tracx' focus is on breaking social media intelligence out of its silo and spreading critical information and communication across the enterprise to better engage the customer," said Amy McCarthy, director of technology alliances at SugarCRM, in a statement. "We applaud this direction, as a siloed approach to customer data does not create a customer-focused culture. Tracx gives its customers powerful, real-time knowledge about their potential sales prospects, [such as] age, location, gender, influence, and injects it right in to the CRM system, giving companies a competitive advantage to deliver what customers want, when they want it."

Tracx Social Leads is available in all English-speaking markets. Pricing for tracx Social Leads starts at $2,000 per month.

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