• November 7, 2012

Totango Releases Totango App for the Eloqua AppCloud

Totango, a provider of  user engagement management solutions, announced today their Eloqua App is now featured in the Eloqua AppCloud.

The integration allows Totango and Eloqua customers to monitor in real time how their Web site visitors are using an online product or service and to create dynamic customer segments based on specific usage patterns or overall engagement levels. These dynamic customer segments can now be used to automatically trigger personalized Eloqua campaigns. 

The new Totango App allows customers to send targeted email based off specific customer actions or triggers that are monitored within Totango. For example, users who have been inactive recently can be targeted for a "please come back" campaign and users of the "mobile features" can be invited to a webinar on this topic.

"We are excited about our relationship with Totango because it will allow Eloqua customers to better target campaigns at existing customers and to create a more active and engaged user base through more personalized marketing. This leads to higher revenue per customer and lower churn," said Steve Woods, chief technology officer at  Eloqua, in a statement. 

"In the customer era, profits depend on creating an active and engaged user base. The first step is understanding how active your current users are. Next, when you start using this information to take the right action with the right customer in real time, you can increase user engagement and profits will follow," said Dominique Levin, chief marketing officer at Totango, in the statement.

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