• February 8, 2013

The Location Based Marketing Association Announces Local Customer Experience Industry Benchmarks

The Location Based Marketing Association and Venuelabs today released the first of what will become quarterly industry benchmarks for key brick-and-mortar verticals, surfacing the insights gleaned from mobile in-store consumers. These benchmarks will highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by marketers and executives in identifying the key trends in mobile consumer behavior and their in-store expectations.

Powering these benchmarks is Venuelabs' location-based monitoring, marketing, and analytics technology.

"These benchmarks provide new, critical insight about the true in-store consumer experience for retail, hotel, QSR, and fast casual brands," said LBMA President Asif Khan in a statement. "Research to date has focused on the brand promise that marketers strive to build, but only with this data from Venuelabs can marketers and executives connect and contrast the brand promise to the actual local in-store brand experience."

"Mobile consumer feedback has an implicit context--where the consumer is--allowing merchants to turn casual consumer sharing into directly actionable feedback," saVenuelabs CEO Neil Crist, "Brand monitoring tools bring powerful insights by looking for keyword mentions across social networks and the Web, but they miss a significant part of the local mobile conversation, since in-store consumers rarely mention specific keywords. Only Venuelabs can see holistically into this local blind spot."

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