• October 5, 2000

The Complete Mobile Site

"Mobility starts here" is the slogan for portablelife.com, an extensive Web site launched in May 2000. The left side menu bar is broken into several sections: I'm Here For allows users to choose between products, support, productivity, entertainment and e-services. Portable Guides has several offerings that include "All About Bluetooth," "What Is WAP," "How to Buy a Laptop" and "How to Buy a Handheld."

Some of the offerings found under Essentials include a mobile directory, a portable glossary and ProductTrax. The directory has links to every mobile subject group imaginable, while the glossary includes links to descriptions of various terms and provides visitors with the spelled-out version of all those confusing acronyms. ProductTrax offers rated product reviews to aid in viewers' decision-making processes.

Visitors can click on bars for Free Newsletters (15 currently offered), Feedback and Special Offers. Other fun enticements include Quick Polls (such as how many mobile devices one owns), a box highlighting sweepstakes information and Portable Promos, where mini ads tout offers such as free devices with minimum term activation.

For the more detail-minded surfer, there are exclusive features ("The Internet and World Wide Web: There Is a Difference"), a news feed and a variety of short articles on tips such as how to obtain free antivirus applications for laptops. It seems there is something for everyone here--so get moving to get mobile.

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