• September 19, 2012

Telligent Releases Updates to Its Social Community Software

Telligent, a provider of  social software for the enterprise, today introduced Telligent Enterprise 4.0 and Teligent Community 7.0, new versions of its social community software

"Social is the new normal for how we work; however, some executives still need convincing," said Patrick Brandt, CEO of Telligent, in a statement. "Employees want social tools in the workplace that are comparable to the ones they use in their personal lives, but management continues to be concerned about the impact on productivity".

"Independent studies, as well as our own research, have shown that enterprise social software actually boosts employee performance, especially when it's tied to real business objectives that impact a company's bottom line. With its focus on enabling sales team and supporting customer service, the latest release of Telligent Enterprise makes it easy for C-level executives to say ‘yes' to social in the workplace," explained Brandt.

Telligent Enterprise 4.0 was designed to deliver real business value by: 

  •     Enabling sales teams to drive revenue through better deal collaboration, campaign management, and account management.
  •     Supporting customer service to quickly respond to customer needs through greater access to knowledge and expertise.
  •     Creating a unified view into customer experience by connecting employees and information in a single knowledge hub accessible by the entire organization.

Key elements of Telligent Enterprise 4.0 include the following: 

  • Social sales enablement: Shorten sales cycles by giving sales teams a central knowledge hub for account management, deal collaboration, and campaign resources. New core integration capabilities allow you to bring internal and external teams together to collect and share data, pulling information from enterprise systems for one view into customer experience.
  • Collaborative customer service: Create positive customer outcomes by putting your entire company behind customer care. Enhancements to Telligent Enterprise 4.0 increase productivity by promoting the highest quality answers and answerers in discussion forums. Powered by Telligent's new reputation management system, internal support is faster and more accurate, plus it highlights experts so that customer care knows exactly who to ask for help.
  • Expertise discovery: Telligent Enterprise 4.0 makes it easier for employees to find people and information quickly by highlighting top-quality contributors through badges and leaderboards and by surfacing only the most relevant content. Advancements are driven by Telligent's new reputation management system, which dynamically scores content and the people who author content to connect employees with the people and information that matter most.
  • Social workspaces: Employees work with people in teams, and social engagement optimizes efficiency with social workspaces. New, Facebook-like social features for Telligent Enterprise 4.0 make collaborating in public and private groups even more intuitive through easy-to-use social networking tools such as rich-media activity streams, #hashtags, likes and @mentions.
  • Interactive employee profiles: Enterprise social networks have the power to connect employees around the office and the world. Enhancements to employee profiles help people connect by featuring their expertise, network, social footprint, contributed content and personality along with company information populated automatically through LDAP.
  • Mobile workplace: Work anywhere, anytime. Telligent Enterprise 4.0 makes employee networks accessible from any mobile device. Enhancements include seamless authentication that allows employees to access the mobile community using SAML and HTML5 support for the highest quality audio and video.
  • Social network insights: Social analytics for Telligent Enterprise 4.0 let organizations mine employee professional networks for digital gold. Key metrics deliver insights into community health and vitality, network effectiveness, group effectiveness and people - the essential indicators that enterprise social networks are achieving business objectives.

Integration enhancements include the ability to add social engagement to enterprise systems for document management, human resources, ERP and other point solutions using new core services. Plus, enterprises can now pull information from these systems for broader viewing and even connect employee social networks with customer service communities for one view into customer experience.

Telligent Community 7.0 was designed to help businesses increase customer satisfaction while at the same time boost their bottom lines. Key elements of Telligent's new solution for social customer service include the following: 

  • Social self-service: Providing self-service through peer-to-peer support forums and online FAQs saves you money but it also saves your customers time. Telligent Community 7.0 dynamically scores community content and only surfaces the most relevant information, delivering your customers the right answers in real-time.
  • Expert discovery: Current customers and potential buyers seek expertise to make business decisions. Telligent Community 7.0 recognizes and rewards people who contribute high quality content and showcases their expertise where others can find it with ease
  • Knowledge sharing: Online resources like discussion forums, product documentation and how-to videos help customers find solutions and solve problems. Telligent Community 7.0 makes it easy for people to discover and share interesting content with familiar social networking tools such as activity streams, #hashtags, likes and @mentions.
  • Crowdsourcing new ideas: Online communities link customers, partners, potential buyers and your employees together. Telligent Community 7.0 makes it possible for you to source new ideas and get feedback for product improvements from the entire community through forums, ratings and reviews, polls and even private groups for trials and beta testing.
  • Mobile community: Exceptional customer service knows no boundaries. Telligent Community 7.0 makes activity streams, documents, support forums, polls, videos and more accessible and from any mobile device.
  • Empowering your sales force: With Telligent Community 7.0, your marketing and sales teams can listen and respond to community conversations to gain a better understanding of your customers' business needs while at the same time gain access to qualified buyers.
  • Leveraging your data: Community analytics for Telligent Community 7.0 are available directly within your online community as well as from a dashboard for role-based viewing by customer care, product management, sales and marketing team members. Key metrics deliver insights into community health and vitality, service responsiveness, content effectiveness and networking strength - the essential indicators that your social customer service community is achieving business objectives.
  • Making social portable: Community isn't just a destination; it's a social engagement path that connects you with customers in the places that matter most to your business. With Telligent Community 7.0, you can add social engagement - ratings and reviews, comments, likes and @mentions - to your online content and create community wherever your customers are.
  • Scaling and managing reputation: One of Telligent's most innovative and most important enhancements is the added reputation management system. It is a differentiator and game changer for social customer service communities. Reputation dynamically scores content, and the people who author content, so that community members gain quick access to only the highest quality, most relevant information. The system also highlights community members through recognition and rewards such as leaderboards and badges.

"Online communities have long been championed as channels to reduce costs through online self-service and peer-to-peer support," said Rob Howard, Founder and CTO of Telligent. "While there is tremendous value in social tools helping businesses scale their support offerings and lower the burden on customer service agents, we have extended this view to achieve so much more. Social customer service is social support plus one; it has the power to influence purchasing decisions that drive revenue."

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