• August 5, 2013

Talygen Launches CRM App on Android

Talygen, a provider of business management automation, has introduced an advanced Android app that is fully integrated with its cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, providing companies and their sales teams with one integrated solution to manage the most common CRM functions.

Whether someone is on the Web or using a tablet or smartphone, he can now use Talygen's advanced functionality to create and manage sales leads. Sales team members can create contacts for the lead, schedule follow-ups, add notes, and much more.

The Android app provides the following CRM features:

  • Sales team members can add leads;
  • Once a lead has been created, contacts for that lead can be added;
  • Follow-ups can be set up for the lead and a particular contact can be specified;
  • Notes can be added for the leads;
  • Leads can be edited or deleted;
  • Lead owners can be set and then changed;
  • Users can access a full suite of management tools using the Android app, including time tracking, CRM, and much more; and
  • Apps also available for Windows Phone and iPhone.

"Processes and workflows that previously had to be managed manually or via individual software applications can now be managed via Talygen," said Harold Saini, chief program manager at Talygen, in a statement. "This application is an amazing product for any business organization, big or small. You can manage every aspect of your business, employees, contractors, and customers. With the introduction of this advanced Android app, companies and their sales teams now have more tablet and mobile options to manage the sales cycle. Now sales team members can use their Android app to quickly add sales leads and view and manage those leads."

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