• September 24, 2013

Talygen Introduces Enhanced Ticketing Module

Talygen, a provider of business management automation and business intelligence, has launched an advanced ticketing system to help companies raise and resolve support tickets.

The Talygen Ticketing Module enables businesses to do the following:

  • Add tickets and assign them to the relevant departments;
  • Transfer or re-assign tickets to any other team member or organization;
  • Set up day-to-day follow-ups and reminders to ensure that all tickets are resolved on time;
  • Post responses and conduct conversations through the system; and
  • Attach files to help others better understand the issue at hand.

Talygen's Ticketing Module also includes the follow-up feature, which reminds the assigned party about unresolved tickets. With this function, users can see to it that every ticket is resolved and all issues are dealt with. Additionally, this capability gives users the time and flexibility they need to get other tasks done.

Another feature is the priority function, which helps team members determine the importance of each issue so they can budget their time and responsibilities to take care of significant issues first.

Talygen's Ticketing Module also supports file attachments, like supplemental screen shots or other documents, so users can better understand the tickets.

"The Talygen Ticket Support System will allow managers, team members, and even clients to bring up support issues and have them addressed quickly and easily," said Harold Saini, chief program manager at Talygen, in a statement. "The Talygen Ticketing Module makes collaboration and problem solving a breeze. It helps ensure that issues are addressed and that everyone understands what needs to be done."

Talygen's Ticketing feature is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry mobile platforms. "Users won't have to wait until they're in front of the computer to raise or submit tickets. With Talygen's mobile apps, they'll be able to get ticketing mobility and flexibility that can't be found anywhere else," Saini said in the statement.

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