• February 22, 2012

TARGUSinfo Adds to Its ElementOne Marketing Analytics Platform

TARGUSinfo, a real-time information services and analytics provider, today announced the launch of Describe Targets, a new functionality within the ElementOne Marketing Analytics platform.

With Describe Targets, marketers can bring the most relevant information about their target audience, including lifestyle characteristics, purchase behaviors, media consumption, and demographics, to life. With the touch of a button, ElementOne users eliminate the need to manually crunch data and sort through charts or tables to uncover the attributes, behaviors, and lifestyle characteristics that are most closely associated with their target consumers.

"Describe Targets gives our clients the control and flexibility to define the metrics and number of attributes they want to use for marketing planning," said Kim Garner, vice president of ElementOne, in a statement. "We have the broadest, deepest set of data available. Now we're helping them quickly sort through all of it to easily get to what's important to them."

For instance, a TARGUSinfo ElementOne client might want to understand the television viewing habits of target segments for developing a media plan. There are hundreds of networks and programs available today for consumers to watch, making it very difficult, laborious and time consuming for the client to determine exactly what their segments are watching. By simply pushing the Describe Targets button the user can rapidly filter through numerous options and isolate the top 10 or 20 networks or programs targets watch.

"The idea for the Describe Targets button actually came from our clients. They loved the amount of data available in our platform but at the same time found it overwhelming. We've responded to market demand with a functionality that allows clients actionable business decisions with less effort and great speed," Garner added.

ElementOne is designed to support strategic marketing planning and tactical target marketing initiatives through an integrated consumer analytics platform, including data discovery, predictive analytics, and scoring. The analytic solutions work to quantify and qualify customers and prospects, leading to new insights for enhanced marketing decisions. By leveraging insights about consumer behavior, TARGUSinfo clients can better devise and measure strategies for effective market planning, customer acquisition, cross-selling, retention and more.

TARGUSinfo delivers intelligence by leveraging its on-demand insight engine IAN (Identifiers, Attributes and Network). IAN powers a suite of complementary, multichannel consumer information solutions, including Identification, Verification, Scoring, Location, Caller ID, Online Display Ad Audience Targeting, and Real-Time Analytics,to help clients make informed, actionable decisions in real-time when interacting with large volumes of consumers, one interaction at a time.

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