• January 31, 2012

SutiSoft Releases SutiCRM 5.1

SutiSoft, a provider of hosted and enterprise solutions, has released SutiCRM 5.1, its Web-based CRM solution with added customization capabilities for all users.

The new release includes the ability to customize templates for invoices, quotes, sales orders, and purchase orders; partial/complete invoice generation; customizable views; and enhanced search criteria. New features Include the following:

  • Templates: Region administrators can customize templates for creating invoices, quotes, sales orders, and purchase orders for users in their regions. Templates will be applied when users send out invoices, quotes, sales orders ,and purchase orders to customers.
  • Dashboard Customization: Global, geography, and territory administrators can view leads and opportunity dashboards based on date filters based on a user’s requirement.
  • Auto Generate Invoice: Sales staff can automatically generate partial/complete invoices for products issued from inventory.
  • Delete Products in Opportunity: Sales people can delete products and forecasts.
  • Alphabetical Search: Sales people can sort leads, opportunities, quotes ,and sales orders alphabetically. Region administrators can also sort accounts, contacts, and invoices.
  • Top 10 Activities with Highest Revenue: Global, geography and territory administrators can view the top 10 activities with highest revenue and filter them by geography, territory, and region.
  • Customizable Views: Columns used to display leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities can be customized.
  • Region Privileges: Region administrators can have privileges to lead scoring, taxes, and template features. Administrators can add additional privileges later as needed.
  • Enhanced Criteria: Global, geography, and territory administrators can track leads, opportunities, quotes, and sales orders using the enhanced search criteria.
  • Customize Values: Administrators can customize drop down values for call status, lead source, opportunity type, and service level fields.
  • Type-in Search: Users can select values for fields using the type-in search capabilities. Type-in the first character and all related values for the field will be displayed in the drop down.

SutiCRM is available in multiple versions: Free, Small Business, Corporate, and Enterprise. Pricing starts at $9.95 per month per user for up to 30 users.

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