• July 26, 2013

SugarCRM and ProcessMaker Integrate

Colosa today released its ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition software, a new version of its ProcessMaker business process management technology.

ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition is packaged as a loadable module for SugarCRM. The module includes a visual drag-and-drop BPMN 2.0 designer, an enterprise-class process engine, and a complete Business Rules Engine that run together inside SugarCRM, making it the first BPM product to integrate as a native module inside SugarCRM.

Colosa introduced the beta version of the SugarCRM module at SugarCon 2013.

ProcessMaker SugarCRM Edition allows users to design workflows that control the way SugarCRM tasks get routed to users, track how long these tasks take to be performed, and control which SugarCRM screens get displayed and in which order during a workflow.

"This is a breakthrough product for the CRM industry. We have taken the benefits of BPM and built our technology into one of the world's leading CRMs. Our BPM engine can actually control the way CRM users work," said Brian Reale, CEO of Colosa, in a statement. "Our module makes Sugar an even more compelling option for enterprise customers looking for a full-featured CRM."

"ProcessMaker brings a unique value proposition to for our Sugar customers," said,Clint Oram, SugarCRM's chief technology officer, in a statement. "Enterprise customers can leverage this new visual and powerful workflow designer and engine inside SugarCRM to simplify and automate form-based approvals and interconnect existing company systems for smoother collaboration across the organization."

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