• October 11, 2013

StrongView Expands Message Studio with Customer Insight Solution Supporting Cross-Channel Data

StrongView, a provider of email marketing and cross-channel marketing solutions for enterprises, has released Message Studio 8.0, the latest version of its marketing cloud.

Message Studio 8.0 features InteractionStore, a customer insight solution for analyzing and acting on unlimited, cross-channel customer interactions. InteractionStore comes fully integrated with Message Studio 8.0 and offers unlimited storage of customer interaction data.

In addition to InteractionStore, Message Studio 8.0 includes many new and enhanced features for dynamic content reporting, automated multi-variate testingm and more powerful drag-and-drop cross-channel lifecycle marketing. Key features include the following:

  • Real-time Interaction Insights — Gain visibility into every customer interaction. InteractionStore allows users to analyze any data attribute and build new segments on the fly.
  • Dynamic Content Reporting — Understand how dynamic aspects of an email perform across multiple mailings and campaigns and fine-tune segmentation strategies and content delivery based on true effectiveness metrics and customizable attributes.
  • Superior Data Flexibility and Integrity — Gain real-time access to external data sources, such as social data feeds and Web analytics. StrongView's dedicated system approach provides the direct connections required for real-time marketing.
  • Automated Multivariate Testing — Automate testing of multiple independent variations of a message simultaneously and then analyze the reports for greater visibility into campaign performance.
  • Powerful Landing Page Management — Publish and manage personalized landing pages, including forms, preference centers, and microsites.
  • Cross-Channel Lifecycle Marketing — Build, launch and manage cross-channel programs, including the ability to leverage performance data across external systems.

StrongView Message Studio 8.0 with InteractionStore helps marketers understand the present state of a customer based on myriad cross-channel interaction data. New dynamic content reporting lets marketers view the performance of personalized content across campaigns, with data such as the click rate on specific offers, images across mailings, or the number of interactions on a particular product category featured across multiple campaigns.

With Message Studio 8.0, marketers no longer have to regularly purge valuable context information, allowing them to keep a full customer view for more precise targeting and segmentation. Leveraging the performance and elasticity benefits inherent with InteractionStore's cloud-based platform, marketers can quickly uncover customer insights that previously would have taken days or weeks to understand using alternative outmoded approaches.

"At a time when data is more important to effective marketing than ever before, it's crazy to be throwing away valuable customer data, but that's precisely what marketers are doing," said Bill Wagner, CEO of StrongView, in a statement. "New, disruptive cloud technologies make it possible to cost-effectively keep and combine all of your detailed customer interaction, profile, and other data in one place that is readily accessible for marketers.

"StrongView's InteractionStore is a game changer," Wagner continued. "Marketing effectiveness is largely throttled by data, so when you expand the scope of data that is available to marketers from weeks or months to an unlimited number of years, the insights and possibilities are endless. By combining the insights made possible from limitless customer data with automated cross-channel marketing, StrongView is enabling marketers to achieve the holy grail of one-to-one, real-time contextual marketing, or what we like to call 'Present Tense Marketing.'"

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