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  • July 21, 2011

Stampt Launches Free Mobile Customer Loyalty App for Merchants Coast-to-Coast

Stampt, a smartphone-based customer loyalty service that allows merchants to move their loyalty reward card programs from paper stamp-cards to a phone-based application, is now immediately available to merchants and consumers from coast-to-coast.

Stampt is an iOS-based smartphone application that replaces and improves the "buy-10-get-1-free" paper loyalty cards, providing merchants a way to increase customer loyalty, frequency of purchases, and brand awareness.

Hundreds of restaurants, yoga studios, coffee shops, yogurt/ice cream stores, delicatessens, dry cleaners, parking garages and other businesses in San Francisco, Cincinnati, Chicago, and New York are already successfully using Stampt. Stampt will expand and support all markets starting today with fast and easy sign-up at www.Stampt.com. Each merchant card and offer is unique and branded for that merchant.

To get the rewards, consumers simply pull out their smartphones at the point-of-sale and scan Stampt Quick Scan Cards near the register after a purchase. Stampt records their visits and reward-eligible purchases, and stamps their digital cards.

Stampt is also a platform for merchants to communicate directly with their customers via the Stampt app with news and special offers. Stampt users can see and react to these special offers within 15 minutes.

Stampt is free to use and also locates local participating merchants, giving consumers ideas about where to dine or shop, and makes them aware of special offers from the merchants they like the most.

Stampt also delivers reports to merchants showing customer activity, such as the number of active card holders, how frequently customers purchase, how recent they've visited, most visited time of day, and what products and services they are buying.

"Stampt revolutionizes customer loyalty by making it mobile and social. No more forgotten or lost cards. The cards live on your phone. It's convenient and effective," said Brian Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Stampt. "Merchants benefit from customer interactions and insights that were never before available. They can finally know the effect of their loyalty programs and can interact with their customers. And consumers love to use Stampt so they build loyalty at more places, more often."

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