• May 31, 2013

Splice Introduces an Enhanced Proactive Communication Solution

Splice Software, a provider of human voice messaging and interactive voice solutions for retail, loyalty, and financial services, yesterday launched its Dialog Suite of products and services.

The Dialog Suite contains the following four integrated modules:

  • The Dialog Controller allows businesses to speak to their customers with integrated customer permissions and preferences, corporate business rules, and best practices.
  • With the Dialog Builder, Splice customers can build custom communications through a single interface, using an international pool of professional linguists and voice talents. This includes human voice audio libraries and the creation of personalized scripts and messages.
  • The Dialog Director delivers personalized, targeted communications at the right time to maximize customer engagement. It manages call schedules, distribution and management in one streamlined environment.
  • The Dialog Dashboard allows users to compare and monitor the impact of their campaigns. It lets users listen to the voice of their customers for marketing insights and visual data analytics.

"Splice's Dialog Suite of products and services are designed to help businesses create sweet dialogs with their customers. Voice is a critical modality, and it cannot be left behind," said Tara Kelly, president and CEO of Splice Software, in a statement.

The Dialog Suite represents a more intuitive and modular approach to the SPLICE existing communication and VoiceMerge platform. Splice's new offering allows clients and resellers to use additional functionality, including: Permissions & Preferences, Data Management Programs and Analysis, Professional Voice Libraries, SMS and Text Message Distribution, and PURL Campaigns, among others.

The Dialog Suite is delivered using a highly secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform or application programming interface (API), integrating directly with all client systems.

"It's important to ensure an integrated approach with end customers across all channels. Otherwise, all the hard work put into one channel could easily be destroyed by an inconsistency in another," stated Tracy Bradley, director of client care at Splice Software, in the statement. "A huge benefit of the Dialog Suite is that all customer communications are managed across distribution, and the voice of the customer is always the focus."

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