• December 7, 2011

SplendidCRM Announces Version 6.0 with a HTML5 Offline Client

SplendidCRM Software, a provider of Microsoft-centric customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, has begun offering a HTML5 Offline Client in all editions.

Using HTML5 technologies, SplendidCRM has been recreated to run on the most popular smartphones and tablets. The HTML5 Offline Client is included in all editions, including the free Community Edition. And, as SplendidCRM is open-source, the source code for the HTML5 Offline Client is available to all.

plendidCRM 6.0 Professional and Enterprise build on the HTML5 and REST technologies to add browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The browser extensions act as a plug-in for Gmail, thereby allowing companies that use Google Apps to archive email to the CRM. Also new to the Professional and Enterprise editions is a HTML5 Charting module that is based on jQuery and jqPlot.

"Our new HTML5 Offline Client makes SplendidCRM available on touch devices while in airplanes or at client sites without an available network," said Paul Rony, president and founder of SplendidCRM Software. /p>

"One thing I really appreciate about SplendidCRM is that they are always innovating," said Brian Mott, president of Langtech, a SplendidCRM partner. "One of their most recent innovations is the recent HTML5-based CRM version which not only provides a great mobile experience, but the offline client solves the very real issue of needing to access your CRM information while out of coverage or on a slow connection."

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