• July 25, 2012

SoundBite Updates Engage and Insight Offerings

SoundBite Communications today released new versions of its SoundBite Engage and Insight platforms that allow companies to optimize the customer experience, harnessing the power of the mobile device and consumer preferences.

SoundBite Engage is a cross-channel platform allowing organizations to preserve customer conversations across multiple touchpoints, moving between voice, email, Web, and text silos in real time without losing the thread of the interaction. SoundBite Insight, an intelligent preference management platform, allows personalization for every interaction while keeping organizations in compliance through careful management of opt-in and carrier-supplied deactivation data.

With SoundBite's Agent Text Portal (ATP) and Interactive Mobile Messaging (IMM), customers can interact with an automated script via their mobile phones, specifying their product model and issues through preset keywords via SMS. The script offers customers options to link seamlessly to a video with instructions on how to fix the problem, have an agent call them, or interact with a live agent via text chat. When connecting to a live agent for text chat, a customer who has a previous relationship with an agent is automatically routed to that same agent. SoundBite Insight manages previous behavior and opt-in information, while SoundBite Engage's dialogue engine identifies the contact associated with the mobile originated message and manages the interactions.

A retailer choosing to promote a marketing program could capitalize on these new capabilities by advertising short codes and top-level keywords in stores or via direct mail, such as send the keyword "reward balance" to 12345. When the consumer does this, the SoundBite Engage dialogue engine and the client's script could then look up that customer in SoundBite Insight and respond with personalized information by leveraging attributes, preferences, and previous behavior.

"Finally, businesses are in a place where they can tailor interactions to each specific customer, and the customers in turn can state their exact preferences on how they interact with businesses. Based on our domain experience and working with some of the leading Fortune 500 organizations, we anticipated what was needed for the next generation of business-to-consumer conversations and seized the opportunity to optimize our platforms to meet that next wave," said Jim Milton, CEO of SoundBite Communications, in a statement. "SoundBite Engage and SoundBite Insight offer a complete end-to-end solution, allowing organizations to improve customer experience by personalizing interactions at every stage of the conversation, all via the ultimate convergent device, the mobile phone."

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