• September 14, 2011

ShopIgniter Launches Tool to Measure Social Influence

ShopIgniter, a provider of social commerce software, today launched a new application for measuring commerce influence across the social Web.

The new feature enables enterprise brands and retailers to identify and nurture their most influential customers by tracking the social impact each customer generates from their online social media actions, such as shares, links, referrals, referred revenue generated, and friend reach.

ShopIgniter's commerce influence scoring system is geared toward scoring retailers' or brands' customers in the context of their specific business. For example, a Nike Golf customer who has a low generic Klout score might actually have a high commerce influence score in ShopIgniter's system if he has actively purchased and shared golf products and promotions within his network. Commerce influence is determined not strictly by dollar amount purchased, but instead by more than 10 social, product, and commerce-related activities, including the quality of sharing and the direct impact to revenue generation.

Commerce influence is not only applied to people, but is applicable to products, coupons, and promotions as well. Retailers and brands trying to market intelligently now have the insight to identify their most influential customers, and create rewards for them; to see their most viral products and curate their stores and collections to suit; and test and optimize the virality of promotions, all based on their commerce influence.

"At the end of the day, our retail and brand customers care most about leveraging the social Web to create deeper connections with customers, deliver merchandising and promotions, which increase brand affinity and purchase consideration, and ultimately drive revenue," said Matt Compton, CEO of ShopIgniter. "It's imperative that they show the ROI behind their social marketing programs, which starts with identifying and understanding their most valuable customers. With ShopIgniter, they can see who has the most commerce influence, which promotions and coupons are shared the most, and the true performance of products and promotions within their social commerce channel."

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